Breaking the Box

from by Daisy O'Connor



As a kid I was taught
To keep god in a box
Where I could write all my prayers down
And lock ‘em up
They told me who he was
What he meant
What he thought
They told me there were people
He didn’t like a lot

I’m breaking the box
Of my comfort zone
Breaking the box
Of what I thought I know
They said it so simple
Just follow god’s word
But I hear god whisper in my ear
I’m everywhere

In the women at the clinic
Gay people in parades
The kid on the street
And the man with aids
The banker, the barista
The hooker in lace
If I’m looking for god
I better get to know your face

I’m breaking the box
Of my comfort zone
Breaking the box
Of what I know
I’m outside the lines
I’m rainbow pearl
Momma, I see god in the smile of a girl

Benn torn apart
and taped together again
I’m letting light in
And just when I thought
I couldn’t get more lost
I got found

I’m breaking the box
Of who I used to be
Breaking the box
Of how you see me
I’m a woman, I’m a child
I’m a man of grace
If you’re looking for god
Better get to know my face


from Lightchasers, released February 3, 2017


all rights reserved



Daisy O'Connor Austin, Texas



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